Parque de los Martires Santa Clara Cuba

Parque-de-los-Martires-Santa Clara

One of Santa Clara’s most popular tourism venues has to be the Parque de los Mártires or the Park of the Martyrs. Located only a few blocks from Parque del Carmen, in front of Santa Clara railway station it is within walking distance of the historical center of the city.

Built in triangular form, its center piece is a shortened column, the only one in rural Cuba, it was erected in honor of those fighters who lost their lives in the Cuban War of Independence. Some delightful historical 18th and 19th century buildings surround the park offering a charming backdrop for some photos. Right on the corner, visitors will also be able to visit the Railway Station, another nice piece of colonial architecture. The station was donated to the city by philanthropist Marta Abreu and remains a central focal point for city. Adjacent to the station you’ll find her colonial wooden family house that still stands.

Santa Clara Parque-de-los-Martires Cuba

Another important building in the Parque de los Mártires is the art deco, former Spanish garrison which was transformed in a school after the Cuban Revolution. Its interior walls were considered the best example of The Vanguardist Movement Murals in all the country. Unlike most cities in Cuba, in Santa Clara the tradition of placing the statue of Cuban hero Jose Marti has not been respected and you’ll find his statue at the Martyrs Park instead of the main city park called Parque Vidal.