Marta Abreu Train Station Santa Clara Cuba


A true visual delight in Santa Clara city center is the fully functioning Marta Abreu Train Station. Operated by the Cuban state company Ferrocarriles de Cuba (FFCC) it is located in front of Parque de los Mártires. Due to its geographically central location in Cuba, it is one of the most important railway stations on the island and, along with Havana Central Station, Santiago and Camaguey it is the rail network’s main divisional headquarter.


Inaugurated in 1860 as part of the Cienfuegos-Villa Clara railroad service it was initially named Paradero Villa Clara. The rickety old station building which incorporated a large wooden structure burned to the ground in 1895.

The current station built on the exact same spot was rebuilt by Marta Abreu so the city hall decided to rename that building after her. This second building, a beautiful Colonial structure with brick walls and red tiled roof was once again remodeled in 1925.

The Santa Clara train station has a large one-floor building featuring period Spanish Colonial architecture. It features 6 rail tracks, number 6 being the terminal, and number 5 not being served by any platform. The main train shed is located just after the level crossing with a second shed at 100 m to the north, on the line to Camajuaní and the University. Close to the main depot and just side the line to Camagüey you’ll find the famous Tren Blindado (armored train) Che Guevara Memorial of the Battle of Santa Clara.


All the lines serving the station, including the main one of Havana – Camaguey – Santiago de Cuba, are not electrified and have a single track.

If you are traveling around Cuba by Train it’s a given you will visit the Marta Abreu Train Station. The station is served by numerous long-distance trains linking almost the whole island as the flagship Tren Francés or French Train Service covering Havana-Camagüey-Santiago. Other long-distance trains, principally departing/ending at Havana Central, link Santa Clara to Holguin, Guantanamo, Bayamo, Manzanillo, Matanzas, Ciego de Ávila, Las Tunas and other cities of Cuba.

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