About the Cuban Province of Villa Clara

Cuba Caibarien Villa Clara

The province of Villa Clara covers a land area of 8,413.13 km2 (3,248.33 sq mi) and an immense stretch of Cuba’s popular northern coast incorporating the exotic Jardines del Rey islands of Cayo Las Brujas, Cayo Ensenachos and Cayo Santa Maria. Villa Clara is situated in the central region of the island flanking with the Atlantic Ocean at the north, Matanzas Province to the west, Sancti Spiritus Province to the east, and Cienfuegos Province on the South. With a population of approximately 860,000 the province is one of Cuba’s largest income per capita regions and an important center for both Beach Resort and Ecological Tourism.

Villa Clara Malecon Caibarien Cuba

Villa Clara shares along with Cienfuegos and Sancti Spiritus to the south the Escambray Mountain Range. Its main cities are the capital city of Santa Clara, Remedios, Sagua La Grande, Camajuani, Caibarien, Ranchuelo, Placetas, and Manicaragua.

Caibarien Villa Clara

Highlights of the province are the city of Remedios, historic center of Cuban history and the base of Cuba’s most popular festival held in December each year and Santa Clara’s Che Mausoleum. Outside from the famous beach resorts, Villa Clara also has an impressive ecotourism infrastructure. The people of Villa Clara are some of Cuba’s fastest adopters of the nascent self employment or “cuenta propista” sector, with Remedios being an often mentioned national model, featuring popular and well run Casa Particular Bed & Breakfast properties, together with private paladar restaurants on almost every corner offering good cheap quality meals at a tiny amount of the cost compared to Cuban government run restaurants.